Managed DevOps

DevOps is a philosophy that combines Development, Operations, Security and Quality Assurance. By moving away from the Waterfall Model of software delivery, organisations that incorporate DevOps practices get more done by deploying high quality code far more frequently and more accurately.

Whether you’re a small startup or a full-bore enterprise the idea of DevOps is important. Bringing agility to your IT organization is not just nice to have, it’s a requirement to stay on the edge of innovation.

AltoStack can help keep your company moving at the speed of light. If you’re a small organization let the AltoStack team take the reins and drive your operations forward. If you’re a large enterprise Modulus will help drive the dexterity to push the organization.

How We Do It

Adopting DevOps in enterprise organisations is a broad and challenging proposition. Enterprises often have many people to bring with them on the journey, significant incumbent technology, long-established working practices and approaches and a high value of business flowing through their systems.
  • Changing organisational structures
  • Making processes leaner and more efficient
  • Adopting technical approaches such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Adopting and scaling infrastructure automation and cloud platforms

What You Get

  • Infrastructure Orchestration

    Automate the orchestration of all cloud services (load balancers, DNS, CDN) as code, using Ansible, Terraform, Elastic Beanstalk or CloudFormation dependant on requirements.

  • Configuration Management

    Automate your hosting infrastructure as code using Ansible, Puppet or Chef, an open source configuration management tool. Ensuring consistency, reliability, stability and quicker time to market for new features.

  • Deployment Automation

    Automate the deployment of your production ready code to your cloud infrastructure.

  • Continuous Integration

    When working with teams and rapidly iterating, continuous integration is the key to ensuring only high quality code is pushed to production. We can build pipelines that are custom fit to your processes and needs.

  • Continuous Delivery

    We will work with your application’s developers to setup a continuous delivery pipeline, providing automatic, repeatable deployments to staging and production environments allowing you to respond to marketing conditions more quickly, releasing new features to market more frequently.

  • Centralised Log Analysis

    Deploy and manage a centralised ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack, aggregating all server and application logs to provide a centralised view of log entries.

Benefits Of Managed DevOps

  • High Availability By Default

    We will design your solution to be highly available at all levels, spreading resources across availability zones and/or regions based on uptime and recovery objectives.

  • AutoScaling

    From the start, we design and implement autoscaling policies to ensure that your application automatically reacts to peaks in demand, provisioning and terminating additional capacity as demand dictates.

  • Team Extension

    We won’t just monitor and maintain what you’ve already got. AltoStack can enhance your solution’s design and performance. Or design a new one. Whether it’s scaling upwards, re-architecting or adding resilience, that’s what we’re here for.

  • Improved Security

    We’ll proactively patch your operating system when security updates are released.

    We’ll perform security scans and take a look at your firewall rules to find any holes in your server(s) with recommendations on how they can be fixed.

  • Extra Help When You Need It

    We’re always on hand to help out with any on-demand requests you might have. From proof of concept (PoC) for new solutions or simply a one-off consultation with an engineer for anything else they can help you with.

We’ll use tools to automate every possible aspect of your environment, meaning that you get all the benefits of true cloud hosting. Your code release times will be dramatically reduced and your infrastructure will be automatically scaleable and repeatable.

We build, optimize, and manage highly available cloud-based solutions with the absolute best DevOps tools ensuring scalability and reliability.

Infrastructure Orchestration Configuration Management Continous Integration & Continous Delivery Development, Service Discovery & Security

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