Managed CloudOps

Let AltoStack become your full AWS operations team. Our AWS certified cloud architects will become part of your team, without the expense or hassle of employing them directly.

Get the most out of your AWS cloud setup. Our AWS Certified Cloud Architects will become a complete extension to your in-house team, looking after all aspects of the operations of your AWS account(s).

We’ll help you architect, maintain, monitor and automate your AWS infrastructure, and become the first point of contact for any issues.

What You Get

  • AWS Account Management

    Configure your AWS account with CloudTrail for comprehensive tracking and auditability. We’ll also setup and manage the security of you AWS account (IAM).

  • AWS Best Practices Assistance

    Make recommendations about the best way to structure and setup services within your AWS account to achieve your objectives.

  • Configuration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting of AWS Services

    Work with you to ensure all necessary services such as EC2, RDS, Route 53, CloudFront, S3, etc are configured as required and monitored.

  • Security & Risk Assessment

    Patch your server(s) and apply security updates to prevent any breaches.

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of your solution

    Monitor your application or website’s availability 24×7. Furthermore we’ll monitor key metrics from your server(s), like CPU, disk space and memory, so that we can proactively avoid potential failures. Our engineers will respond to alerts day or night according to our SLA.

  • Monthly solution report

    Provide you a monthly report outlining key metrics relating to your services with us, and suggesting any improvements we think can be made.

Benefits Of Managed CloudOps

  • Team Extension

    We won’t just monitor and maintain what you’ve already got. AltoStack can enhance your solution’s design and performance. Or design a new one. Whether it’s scaling upwards, re-architecting or adding resilience, that’s what we’re here for.

  • Improved Security

    We’ll proactively patch your operating system when security updates are released.

    We’ll perform security scans and take a look at your network access control lists and security groups with recommendations on how they can be fixed.

  • Extra Help When You Need It

    We’re your outsourced AWS operations team so we’re here for you when you need extra help. From security scans, to one-off implementation of new AWS services and solutions, we’re here to provide that extra support when you need it.

And if you’re looking to use architecture automation, config management, deployment automation, our team will be able to assist and advise you.

If you’re looking for the full-on DevOps automation, you should take a look at our Managed DevOps service.

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