Cloud Consultancy

We’re helping customers take advantage of the power of the cloud. Our consultants and architects can develop your path to the cloud, working with you to migrate business applications, develop new services or create new cloud-native applications that can scale and adapt to the needs of your organisation.

It’s this level of experience that we believe sets us apart from other consultancies.

Our cloud consulting services traverses both strategic and delivery work to help you get the most out of your resources.

Open source software is at the heart of everything we do, meaning we regularly contribute to a wide variety of Open Source projects. We also regularly attend and give talks at a number of tech conferences across the country, covering a variety of topics, further enhancing our credentials as a technical leader.

We Focus On

  • Strategy: We work with organisations to help them understand and look at how they will make use of and deploy cloud services. This includes looking at the architectural, technical and governance issues as well as helping with vendor selection
  • Assessment: This is a detailed assessment where we evaluate an organisations existing applications and software delivery processes with a view to helping them with their readiness to move to cloud
  • Adoption: We implement a solution that establishes the foundations to ensure that the technology and processes are in place for a smooth transition to the cloud. This includes network connections, governance models, security, and key processes for managing the cloud
  • Migration: A service where we migrate applications to the cloud with you, either a proof of concept or in a fully managed fashion. This can take place with either cloud re-architecture to cloud native, or a lift-and-shift as a temporary measure

What’s Included

  • ROI & Business Case Justification

    An assessment of your organization to determine the KPIs and fully understand your particular business case.

    To help your decision makers make the shift to cloud computing, our analysts provide a detailed cost and forecast models to showcase the return on investment in making the switch to AWS. Furthermore, we prepare you with the business value justifications on the increase in agility, innovation, and better transparency of your infrastructure investments for your firm.

  • Cloud Adoption Strategy

    Roadmap the relevant steps within your journey to the cloud to best understand the end-to-end process.

    AltoStack Cloud consultants help write, inform, and educate your organization when developing and writing a Cloud Adoption Strategy. We combine our experience, the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, and AWS Cloud best practices to ensure you have a holistic approach and roadmap to cloud adoption.

  • Cloud Architecture

    Present best options for developing and building your scalable cloud solution, as per the well-architected cloud and security framework.

    Our cloud engineers and solutions architects are available to advise on how to best architect your specific business applications to achieve the benefits of elasticity, scalability, and cost savings with moving to the cloud while maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data

  • DevOps Strategy

    Explain, promote, and execute a nimble and agile development and operations strategy for your organization.

    DevOps is a key enabler to unleashing innovation for your organization by automating deployments of new software, security updates, and cloud infrastructure continuously. Our DevOps engineers help you design continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines with modern development and testing toolchains running on AWS. Your product teams will have increased availability of resources for dev/test environments which in turn will lead to getting new features and functions to market more quickly.

  • Account Management

    Design and implement a strategic cloud account management platform to address both inter cloud providers (AWS, Azure), or intra cloud providers (within AWS), addressing reserved instances, cross account charge backs needs, etc.

    As your cloud adoption grows, we help organizations provide structure and guidance on how to manage multiple accounts, when and why you should separate workloads and applications into distinct WS accounts, yet still receive the benefits of tiered discounts through consolidated billing.

  • Cloud Operations Strategy

    Full-scale strategy to illuminate the ongoing operational necessities of your cloud solution.

    We deliver specific guidance on how to operate your cloud infrastructure at scale to handle workloads of any size. Our managed cloudops team can provide expert guidance on what you need to focus on in order to keep your cloud environment performant and secure.

Cloud Migration Process

Our Amazon Web Services team are experts and hold multiple AWS certifications with experience spanning the entire AWS ecosystem and are ready to make your move to the cloud agile and painless.

Our cloud migration process leaves no room for guesswork and wasteful over-provisioning:


We're cloud-agnostic so your solution can be hosted with any cloud provider like AWS, Azure or Google


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